BZZY in his music video 'If you only knew'BZZY, formerly known as Bizzy Crook professionally and Lazaro Camejo from birth, is a writer through and through. When he’s not writing lyrics to his dazzling array of music, he’s writing poetry or thinking about writing. Even children’s books which might at first sound rather unexpected for a twenty-something rapper from Miami. But more on that later. BZZY is incredibly inspirational to speak to. He has an immense passion for what he does and wants to do and works very hard. And you know it’s not just talking and he will end up completing all the things he sets out to do this year.

He has just released the video to ‘If You Only Knew’ ft. Lloyd. A sparkling, super chilled, fun, catchy, standout track from his most recent project, ‘A Part Of Everything.’ You can see how it took six months for BZZY to write the track, it’s that good and there is so much in it. He had the beat first then the hook and just wanted it to be perfect. He says about writing, “the more I like a record the more I overthink it” and about ‘If You Only Knew’, “I was very picky about it as loved the beat so much. It’s like being in a long relationship, you don’t wanna mess it up.” Once it was complete and BZZY was satisfied he sent it to honey toned R&B singer Lloyd as the cherry on top of the cake. One of the reasons it took so long is because BZZY was happy during those six months and he can only really write when he’s sad. He says, “I can’t write a song unless I’m in that emotion” and “it’s hard for me to write music when I’m happy, period.” Struggling with depression at a young age, this is tragic, but he says he wouldn’t be where he is today because of it.

The music video which was filmed in Joshua Tree National Park in California starts with BZZY in a straitjacket sitting on a golden throne and features barely clad stunning women with tribal makeup. There is a lot of vibrant colour and energy. He says, “visually we wanted to create something where everybody gets a different perception; it is something artistic that you can watch over and over and that you don’t have to explain.” He continues, “there are two different mentalities with me sitting on a throne in a straitjacket. The mentality of a prisoner and the mentality of a king.” There is the bright side, “the colours and the girls” and the dark side which is a nod to a psych ward and his battle with depression. The music video is exclusive on TIDAL, but you can see it here on Neon Music below. BZZY is very appreciative of being a cherished member of the TIDAL rising family who nurtured him as the first Discovery artist. He says, “It’s amazing being an independent artist and they have my back 100%” They connected him with HyperHouse who produced the music video.

The next visual from the album will be for ‘Crazy Love’, BZZY’s raw lyrics soaring over a jazzy tinkle. It will pick up from ‘If You Only Knew’, but going more in depth into the relationship where you love the person more than anything. I ask if this is based on a personal experience and he says all his songs are. “It’s like therapy.” One of the tracks on his last album, ‘Letters from Syria’ where he vents his frustration at the situation in the Middle East. I ask if he is politically motivated, and he replies, “the world is my classroom and where I get inspiration from. It’s my responsibility to have a voice. When I got a fan base I felt like I had to do something, you never know who you’re going to influence.”Fans are hugely important to BZZY and he likes to be able to inspire people who are going through the situations he’s been through, “to give them hope, to give them light at the end of the tunnel.” He even gives fans his number if they’re having a tough time, “I know how it is to be in a dark place. I can try to give the right words to give motivation.”

BZZY’s catalogue of music is astonishingly mature for someone so young. He is thoughtful with his beats, there is an incredible depth of range, instrumentals and moods and of course, his lyrics are illuminating. Early musical influences include all the greats: Tupac, Kanye, Bob Marley, Nirvana and Jay-Z is mentioned a lot. As someone he grew up listening to, has huge admiration for and would love to collaborate with (as well as Adele and Justin Timberlake.) New artists, he champions include A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, a Hip-Hop artist from The Bronx. BZZY is certainly not predictable in music and conversation. He references art and culture in his songs; his last album was heavily inspired by the 1988 classic novel, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and the video for ‘If You Only Knew’ was influenced by Led Zeppelin artwork.

Going back to the children’s book. This is something BZZY would like to do. He appreciates Dr Seuss and would like there to be a moral at the end of his books so children can learn something. He also has a short film based on his last album ‘A Part of Everything’ coming out later this year, a Florida tour next month and he’s writing a script for a TV show. He is keen to perform in London as never has. BZZY we would love to have you. Always busy, always writing, always inspiring. That’s BZZY alright.