Nico Santos, the German-Spanish singer-songwriter known for his smash hit ‘Rooftop’ has been in London this week to record a new version of the song with emerging UK singer-songwriter Samantha Harvey. The original song was released last year and has amassed an incredible 43M Spotify streams and 24M views and counting. It has stayed within the top 10 in Austria, Germany and Switzerland for 4 months and shows no signs of diminishing.

And there is really no surprise ‘Rooftop’ has taken the world by storm. A fiery track with raw, passionate vocals and cascading chorus which portrays how confusing yet exciting being in love can be. The ‘HUGEL’ remix relays all of the emotion, but with a more upbeat, fresh undertone guaranteed to get listeners on the dance floor. There is also an acoustic version which is stripped back and heartfelt. It’s really exciting to see what the new version will bring because Nico Santos has already proved he is no one trick pony.


BritznBeatz caught up with Nico Santos while he was here in London.

Can you tell me about your new version of ‘Rooftop’?
Of course! It was my first solo single and for me the perfect start to show the people what I do! I’m very happy that the song was so well received in Germany.

What’s it been like collaborating with Samantha Harvey?
It was great! I’m so happy that she’s a part of the song now. I showed my team videos of Samantha and they reached out to her! I love how the duet version turned out! She’s an amazing artist and so much fun to hang out with!

Did you expect such a reaction to your single ‘Rooftop’ and how has it changed your life?
Honestly, when I first performed the song live I performed at a Rooftop Party in Spain. It was really well received so I had a good feeling when it was finally released but I would’ve never expected this kind of reaction. It has changed my life a lot… I must say for the better. I am doing what I love, I get to meet incredible people and I’m constantly touring now, what I really love!

What has been the biggest highlight of the past year?
I think to perform at the “Brandenburger Tor” in Berlin. I performed the song in front of 500.000 people. That was insane… the cool thing is that my apartment is only 10 minutes away!

You’re in the UK at the moment – what do you like to see and do when you’re here?
I would have loved to be here more days. I’ve been here in London last year for two days and I loved it. The politeness of the people is amazing and the city of course.
I’ve seen the Buckingham Palace and Kensington… absolutely beautiful!

Top 5 tracks of 2017/2018?
Luis Fonsi – ‘Despacito’
Danny Ocean – ‘Me Rehuso’
The Weeknd – ‘Privilege’
Gavin James – ‘Always’
Ramz – ‘Barking’

What is inspiring you musically?
Wow… a lot. I guess my team and most of the writers I get to work with have inspired me over the last years. But of course also my mind. I constantly try to work as much as I can having in mind that I’m full of creativity now and I’m so great full to be working with amazing other artists.
If you weren’t in music what else do you think you’d be doing?
Haha, I think I’d be working as a Mixing engineer or something that is linked to music… I don’t think I’d be able to work in something that isn’t related to music!

How much time per day do you spend on social media?
I try not to spend so much time. Of course, I like to answer fans, but I’m not constantly on Instagram posting and stuff. I try to upload the interesting things in my life!

Favourite venue/ city/festival to perform and why?
I’m looking forward to two shows this month where I get to perform right before James Arthur, Clean Bandit and Macklemore.

Dream collaborations?
Haha, hundreds of people – Ed Sheeran and Stevie Wonder. If MJ would still be living, of course, he’d be on the top spot!

What’s next for Nico Santos?
My new single is coming out soon! I’m excited cause it’s a really big and emotional song… I can’t wait for people to hear it! Also as I said, I’m still in works of my first album. This year is going to be full of cool stuff.

Stream the original ‘Rooftop’ here.