Everything You Need to Know About Dune: Prophecy: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and More

by Tara Price

17th May, 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Dune: Prophecy: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and More

Sneaking into the streaming sphere seemingly unnoticed until now, avid fans of Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’ universe have had their consciousnesses enlightened like a liberal dose of spice, thanks to a new trailer for the upcoming Max Originals series, ‘Dune: Prophecy.’

This prequel series promises to expand the lore and delve deep into the history of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in the Dune TV series.

Bene Gesserit sisterhood
Bene Gesserit sisterhood

Dune: Prophecy Release Date

‘Dune: Prophecy’ is slated to hit screens in fall 2024. Although an exact release date has yet to be announced, anticipation is building following the teaser trailer unveiled during Warner Bros’ Discovery upfront presentation on May 15, 2024.

This six-episode series will be available exclusively on the Max streaming service, adding to the exciting lineup of Max movies in 2024.

Dune: Prophecy Trailer

The ‘Dune: Prophecy’ trailer, which offers a lush array of arresting visuals, has set the stage for a thrilling addition to the Dune franchise.

In it, Emily Watson’s character, Mother Superior Valya Harkonnen, sets the tone with a captivating monologue: ‘Before the universe would know us as the Bene Gesserit, we founded a sisterhood.

Assigned to the great houses to help them sift truth from lies. We created a network of influence throughout the Imperium.

But power comes with a price.’ This glimpse into the Bene Gesserit Dune mythology promises rich worldbuilding.

Cast of Dune: Prophecy

The series boasts an impressive ensemble cast:

  • Emily Watson as Valya Harkonnen, a key figure in the foundation of the Bene Gesserit.
  • Olivia Williams as Tula Harkonnen, Valya’s sister and partner, in shaping the future of their order.
  • Jessica BardenTabuTravis FimmelJodhi MayMark StrongSarah-Sofie BoussninaJosh HeustonChloe LeaJade AnoukaFaoileann CunninghamEdward DavisAoife HindsChris Mason, and Shalom Brune-Franklin 
    The series features a talented cast, bringing to life a range of characters from various corners of the Dune universe.

Dune: Prophecy Plot

‘Dune: Prophecy’ is set 10,000 years before the ascension of Paul Atreides on Caladan, during the tumultuous period following the Battle of Corrin.

The story centres on two Harkonnen sisters, Valya and Tula, who combat forces that threaten the future of humankind.

Their journey leads to the creation of the fabled Bene Gesserit, a secretive and powerful sisterhood known for their manipulative abilities and profound influence within the Imperium.

This prequel will intrigue fans of the Dune film series and those interested in gene manipulation and fertility control themes.

Dune: Prophecy Production Team

The series has seen a number of changes in its development phase, particularly due to the pandemic.

Alison Schapker, known for her work on sci-fi shows like ‘Alias,’ ‘Fringe,’ and ‘Altered Carbon,’ serves as the showrunner and executive producer.

Diane Ademu-John co-developed the series and also acts as an executive producer.

Initially, Denis Villeneuve, the director of the recent ‘Dune’ films, was attached to direct the pilot episode.

However, he later withdrew, and German director Anna Foerster took over the role, bringing her expertise to several episodes, including the pilot.

Dune: Prophecy Behind the Scenes

‘Dune: Prophecy’ is a collaborative production between Max and Legendary Television.

The executive production team includes notable figures such as Anna Foerster, Jordan Goldberg, Mark Tobey, John Cameron, Matthew King, Scott Z. Burns, Brian Herbert, and Jon Spaihts, with Byron Merritt and Kim Herbert representing the Frank Herbert estate.

Dune: Prophecy Origin of the Series

The series is inspired by the 2012 novel ‘Sisterhood of Dune,’ written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

This novel explores the origins of the Bene Gesserit and provides a rich backdrop for the series.

For fans who can’t wait for the show’s premiere, reading ‘Sisterhood of Dune’ offers a glimpse into the intricate world that ‘Dune: Prophecy’ will bring to life, making it a perfect companion to the Dune TV series.

Sisterhood of Dune on Amazon
Sisterhood of Dune on Amazon

‘Dune: Prophecy’ promises to be a captivating addition to the Dune saga, exploring the depths of one of its most enigmatic factions.

With its stellar cast, experienced production team, and rich source material, this prequel series is set to enchant both long-time fans and newcomers to the Dune universe, making it a highlight among HBO Max shows.

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