Ethel’s Pixie Dust – A Luminous Anthem to Sisterhood

by Marcus Adetola

8th November, 2023

Ethel's Pixie Dust - A Luminous Anthem to Sisterhood

In the heart of Paris, amidst the city’s timeless romance and artistic legacy, a new voice rises, enchanting and clear. Ethel weaves a captivating spell with her latest single, Pixie Dust. She creates an ethereal experience with a lush and intimate sonic landscape that is as expansive.

Pixie Dust envelops the listener in a tapestry of soulful vocals that are both grounding and liberating. Ethel’s voice glides through a mellow sound of soaring synths and pulsating beats that anchor us firmly to the earth. It’s a gratifying introduction to an artist whose sound feels like a well-kept secret whispered between close friends.

The lyrics are a raw and honest reflection of self-awareness and the complexities of human emotions. “I should take off my make up / I can’t lie / I’m quite self-conscious,” Ethel confesses, inviting listeners into her inner world, one where insecurities are laid bare and pretences are shed. It’s a brave unravelling of the self that resonates deeply, especially in a world that often demands a facade of perfection.

The chorus, “Cause when you light up in the dark / It gives me such a rush, / Are we made of the same / Pixie dust,” is a soaring celebration of shared essence and the illuminating power of friendship. It’s a recognition that even amidst our scattered flaws and the fights that may arise, there is a common thread of ‘stardust’ that binds us, a shared light that refuses to be dimmed.

Ethel Pixie Dust song cover
Ethel Pixie Dust song cover

However, Pixie Dust is more than its hypnotic melody and rich production; it’s a heartfelt ode to the power of female friendships and the enlightenment found within them. Ethel brings to light the beauty of admiration over rivalry, the strength in vulnerability, and the magic of heartfelt connection.

Ethel shares her personal insight about the track:

“It came to life after a very honest conversation I had with a friend, realising that our friendship wasn’t rooted in jealousy but admiration for one another.

Ethel’s Pixie Dust is a musical revelation, a reminder that the connections we forge can become our most powerful allies against the darkness.

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