Escape to Wonderland with The Image on Believe In Me, their brand new genre-bending single. Lord knows we need happy news in the world today, and The Image brings it on Believe In Me. They drop catchy verses and hooks on electronic and hip-hop instrumentals that resonate with a happy vibe with an infectious bop to it. The visuals are no different, with a pleasing and playful aesthetic that makes it so appealing to watch. There is an element of ambiguity in the video left to personal interpretation. Believe In Me is an inspirational song that teaches we can reach for greater heights only if we believe.

The pioneers of The Image, Watrcup, and Franskiiz are a force to reckon with on this song. Their delivery was flawless, and musically they are a match made in heaven.

“We both contribute something different and personal,” Jared says. “I bring the ideas and inspiration, and Franskiiz brings the life, musically. I’ll create a spark, and he’ll make it a fire.” – The Image