Ender Wright x d becc Deals With Betrayal on Liar

by Marcus Adetola

24th March, 2020

Ender Wright x d becc deals with betrayal on Liar, a melancholic track syringed with a lot of bitterness. With vocals filled with anguish, rap verses are intertwined with rock soaked instrumentals. 

Liar deals with a context and emotion rife in every aspect of society. However, it is limited to a toxic relationship drama. Ender Wright x d becc methodically crafts the chorus, bitterly touching on the salient points of the toxic relationship. With a sing-song cadence and deft lyrics on the instrumentals, the melody stands out.

Leave me broken and tired
I bought you a rose
And lit that bitch on fire

There is a subtlety in the flow when you listen to Liar and the words are brought to life by the former school teacher turned rapper.

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