Druv Kent Unveils His New Video ‘What It’s All About.’

by Lucy Lerner

4th November, 2016

Ex-banker Druv Kent is now living his dream as an established musician and unveils his new single ‘What it’s all about” along with a compelling black and white video which was released today.
The video is directed by TED Fellow filmmaker Puneet Rakheja and will be released via his own record label distributed by Horus Music UK.

Growing up in a comparably traditional environment in India, the talented songwriter attended a prestigious university in America before moving back to Mumbai and Hong Kong where he landed high-level positions within the banking and finance sectors. Now based in the international hub of Singapore, Druv Kent is ready to deliver the first taste of his newly soulful and rich sound ahead of his upcoming album in the pipeline for 2017

‘What’s It All About’ has a touch of classic rock about it and is heartfelt in melody and lyrics.  It is an autobiographical power ballad, a song he wrote to his wife, “the world’s most beautiful young lady who captured (his) heart at first sight.” It is about how they have changed “and endured. Maybe, this is what it’s all about.”

The video really brings out the lyrics in such a memorable and creative way.  It is a refreshing song which we can all relate to; about life and love, he sings, “complicated is the way we live, plain and simple is the way we smile.” The video features Bollywood actor Neil Bhoopalam and contemporary Indian dancer Anisha Shah with choreographies by Bollywood stars duo Atul Jindal and Karan Kumar.  The mainly black and white aesthetic underpinning the video represents the monochrome nature of an ordinary love relationship. The sparing use of colour acts as a metaphor bringing the lyrics to life “we have got it, it’s not all it, but it’s close to what’s all about” sings Druv, reminding us to celebrate love in its purest form.  It is very expressive and emotional.  A lot is said with just a simple look.

This track follows on the success of the BBC Radio 2-approved singles ‘Little Bit of God’ and ‘Glitter & Dynamite’, which made Druv the first Asian-based musician to be played by the popular radio station in two decades, and which catapulted him into the international music scene, culminating with both singles being featured on various radio playlists and followed by memorable live performances across the country in support of the releases.

Recorded at London’s prestigious Miloco Studios, the new single sees the involvement of some of the biggest names in British music; pre-produced by John Mayer and David Gray collaborator, Tim Bradshaw, produced with the help of Ronan Keating’s guitarist and music director, Calum MacColl, Portishead and Radiohead drummer Clive Deamer, Fairground Attraction’s Simon Edwards on bass and production and Oasis keyboardist Mikey Rowe.

I’m sure you will enjoy the video as much as we have and it will leave you with reflective thoughts and emotions.  As Druv says, “Love is far from perfect. But, it’s still what makes our daily lives worth living.”

And we look forward to hearing more from Druv in the coming months.

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