Dreams and Scars by Ratthew: A Melodic Journey of Resilience and Beauty

by Marcus Adetola

12th August, 2023

Dreams and Scars by Ratthew: A Melodic Journey of Resilience and Beauty

Singer-songwriter Ratthew‘s single Dreams and Scars is a poignant narrative that seamlessly melds pop, rock, and emo influences, creating a sound filled with raw emotions.

Ratthew transports listeners to a realm where ethereal melodies dance with grounded instrumentals. The song’s haunting introduction sets a tone that is heartfelt, drawing listeners into a world where pain and beauty are two sides of the same coin.

The verses, reflective and mellow, serve as a gentle prelude to the song’s powerful chorus. Ratthew’s emotive vocals, warm and enveloping, take center stage, painting vivid pictures of struggle, resilience, love, and loss. The opening lines, “Hello my friend, How have you been,” resonate with a sense of intimacy, making it feel as though Ratthew is sharing a personal conversation with each listener.

But it’s in the chorus where Ratthew truly shines. The juxtaposition of “dreams” and “scars” serves as a poignant reminder of life’s dualities. The lines, “Your soul so beautiful, The way, You wish you would’ve known, Everything you learned from love,” relays the transformative power of love and the lessons it imparts, even in its most painful moments.

The second verse, with its modern references to painting with a pen and writing with a phone, is a nod to today’s digital age. Yet, Ratthew reminds us that amidst our tech-driven lives, genuine human connections remain paramount.

Beyond its captivating melodies and lyrics, Dreams and Scars is a clarion call for understanding and compassion. Ratthew’s personal connection to mental health issues shines through, urging listeners to be there for their loved ones, especially in their darkest hours.

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