Dream Of Paradise With Ellen Krauss’s Bali

by Lucy Lerner

25th June, 2020

Dream Of Paradise With Ellen Krauss's Bali

Dream Of Paradise With Ellen Krauss's BaliI defy you to not be singing “I’ll take you to Bali” over the next few days. Ellen Krauss introduces another catchy number to her portfolio with her new single Bali. Vocals soar over a summery melody and fluid drum roll which takes you somewhere hot where sunlight shimmers over blue water. Despite intricate layers, Bali is simply about a date and Ellen wrote it about a girl who had planned a trip to Bali.

I’ll take you to Bali,
She said Baby, where would you like to meet?
I don’t care what you call me,
Body’s looking extra tanned and sweet

We might not be able to go to Bali or Paris as mentioned in the song, but we can certainly dream about it thanks to this delectable song. 

“Uncontrollable attraction, Quarantine, Corona, Dream away , travelling – Bali” – Ellen Krauss

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