DoomFolk StarterKit Explores A Kaleidoscope Of Emotions On 2Hands

by Marcus Adetola

23rd June, 2022

DoomFolk StarterKit explores a kaleidoscope of emotions on the single 2Hands. Waves of sweet melancholy sway wistfully as the gentle vocals intermingle with an ethereal atmospheric soundscape textured with lush guitar instrumentals. The melodic track is perfectly woven, both lyrically and sonicallyto conveya relatable conflict that exists.

“2Hands follows a narrator simultaneously experiencing two true realities in conflict with each other and the process of reckoning with the challenge of the moment. The need for rest and prioritizing mental wellness is experienced at the same time as the need to work and remain active in order to stay afloat. ‘I bleed into lots.’” – DoomFolk StarterKit 

2Hands is out now.

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