Don DiestrO Explores Newfound Love In His New Single Trust

by Lucy Lerner

10th June, 2021

Don DiestrO explores newfound love in his new single Trust. The song has a blissful lo-fi feel with aching vocals and relatable lyrics. Smooth instrumentals and woozy harmonies elevate the track to another level and the brief introduction of the female vocalist ties in the narrative of the track, that it’s about a partnership and a journey together. Trust is a well thought out song that brings something new with each listen.

The visuals directed by Don DiestrO, Davon Lavor and Drew Robinson highlight the ups and the downs of a new romance from the carefree times to the emotional lows.

you’ve been soul searching
let’s go soul surfing
love is not spoken
words can be broken
so let me show you how
let’s take our time right now
there’s no need to run
the damage is done
so put your problems down

Trust is the lead single from Don DiestrO’s forthcoming EP Wish You Well set for release later this month.

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