Dominique Simone Unveils Her Intimate Song Sweater

by Lucy Lerner

31st July, 2021

Dominique Simone Unveils Her Intimate Song Sweater

Sink into the sultry glow of Sweater by Dominique Simone. The song feels quite stripped back but laden with emotion. Soulful, languid vocals and harmonies float over a bed of electronic embellishments and textures. 

Sweater is about those days when we don’t feel good about ourselves and just want to stay hidden away from the world, “I’m stuck here in my sweater and I can’t get on my feet.” Staying indoors wrapped up in a big sweater is comforting. “And I know I’m still learning to love myself”. It’s ok to feel vulnerable sometimes and Dominique Simone gets this message across intimately and memorably.

I understand how hard life can be. We all have days where we don’t want to leave our rooms and days where we kind of feel sorry for ourselves and we think that the universe is being unfair to us. I just want the message to be that the first step is getting up and believing that you in that moment are worth it, that you are enoughI want to make music you feel glad you found… I hope people will feel heard when they listen to my music. I seek to find those complicated feelings and put them into words because it can be so hard to decipher what’s going on in your head. Always remember, you are not alone.” – Dominique Simone

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