Discover Something Deep And Innate On Complete By Teeah

by Marcus Adetola

25th June, 2020

Discover something deep and innate on Complete by Teeah featuring Ice Prince. Teeah pleases with gentle and seductive tones as she surrenders to her desires. She creates an intense atmosphere with the lyrics and sultry delivery of her vocals that flow invitingly on the sparse instrumentals. The Nigerian rap star Ice Prince adds more depth with the confessional verses on the slow winding R&B track.

 “We’ve all had that love for someone that makes you feel whole, and you’ll do almost anything to have that feeling around the clock, no matter where you are or what else is going on. They know that you complete them and you know that they complete you. ‘Complete’ reflects the classic conflict in my mind, between finding real love and ‘industry’ love, and the fight to hold on to what’s real. The song is also about how you complete each other in far more ways than just sexually, how the intimacy isn’t just sex, it’s more ‘complete’ than that”. – Teeah

Complete is a smooth R&B groove by Teeah who is of Bajan and Southern African heritage, and we are looking forward in anticipation of her long-awaited forthcoming debut EP this year.

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