DELANILA Releases The Haunting ‘Turning On The TV’

by Lucy Lerner

10th January, 2020


“I’m at the end of my road”

Towards the end of 2019, artist DELANILA released her brooding single ‘Turning On The TV’ and it is still haunting us now with its eerie tones. With themes of searching for salvation in a world of social media and affirmation through likes and shares, it is highly relatable. As a Sundance Film composer, she has created music for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Center and more.

“I think I found God, or something close enough”

DELANILA says of her recent single, “It’s about the pseudo-religious ritual of watching TV at the end of a long day, and, like the previous track, grew from years thinking on these media-saturated, socially isolating times we live in. Phones aren’t the only screens we hide behind. It’s an enormous conversation, but one I hope I’ve found some heart in.

If you listen to DELANILA’s previous music you can tell she has found her niche with darker, haunting tones, particularly lyrically and vocally. Her debut ‘Overloaded’ was 12-track album co-produced by Schwob and three-time Grammy-winning producer David Bottrill (Muse, Tool, Peter Gabriel). It contains the memorable single ‘Time Slips Away’ which garnered a lot of attention.

DELANILA is one to watch out for in 2020.

Find out more about DELANILA.

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