Cool Girl By Ashlynn Malia: A Haunting Dive Into Modern Dating’s Murky Waters

by Marcus Adetola

19th September, 2023

Cool Girl by Ashlynn Malia: A Haunting Dive into Modern Dating's Murky Waters

In the age of swiping left and right, where the lines between commitment and casual blur, the modern dating scene can be a rather difficult terrain to navigate. Enter Ashlynn Malia’s Cool Girl, a poignant reflection on the complexities of open relationships today.

The song’s title might suggest a breezy indifference, but as you dive into its depths, it lays bare the emotional whirlwinds that often remain hidden.

Through her lyrics, Malia paints a vivid picture of the internal turmoil one faces when trying to fit into the mould of the ‘cool girl’, the one who’s unbothered by their partner’s escapades. “Trying to be chill for you, but I’m not ok,” she croons, setting the tone for a track that’s both relatable and heartbreaking. The depiction of her lyrics “Picture your tongue down somebody else’s throat” is visceral, pulling no punches in its portrayal of jealousy and insecurity.

On the musical front, Cool Girl is a symphony of atmospheric pop. The song’s gradual build-up, punctuated by electric guitars, drums, and synthesizers, creates a haunting soundscape that mirrors the emotional rollercoaster of its narrative. The dynamic shifts between the quieter verses and the powerful chorus add layers of contrast and tension, making each listen a fresh experience.

The chorus is undeniably catchy, with Malia’s voice soaring as she laments her inability to be the “cool girl” her partner desires. The post-chorus, with its whispered confessions, adds a layer of vulnerability, making the listener privy to Malia’s innermost thoughts.

Cool Girl showcases Malia’s evolving artistry. Following the release of tracks like Nobody Else and Feels So Good, this song is a progression in the ethereal pop realm. It’s a tantalising glimpse into what’s next after her EP, Navigating Galaxies, a collection that showcased her unique ability to connect with listeners on a profound level.

Ashlynn Malia Cool Girl song cover
Ashlynn Malia Cool Girl song cover

Ashlynn Malia’s Cool Girl is a song that holds a mirror to society, reflecting the challenges of modern dating and the emotional toll it can take. It’s a reminder that sometimes, trying to be the ‘cool girl’ (or guy) isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In a world where connections can be as fleeting as a swipe, Malia’s voice stands out, offering solace and understanding to all who listen.

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