Cold To Me Is A Cathartic Pop Ballad From Rallie & CoalYou’re pushing all my buttons when did you get so cold to me?

Cold To Me is a cathartic pop ballad from Rallie & Coal. It conveys a relationship that has turned sour and is told from two perspectives.

Rallie & Coal is an emerging songwriting duo from Sweden who have put a lot of thought into their new single. The production is glossy, the melody infectious and Rallie’s soft voice complements Coal’s honest vocal delivery. The elements all come together in a cohesive, catchy way.

“It relays how misunderstandings and fear of being hurt can turn into love lost. Written as a duet, it sees both sides of a relationship and how it has turned to poison over time.
Nothing fuels indifference like miscommunication.” –
Rallie & Coal

The new single from Rallie & Coal portrays sleek songwriting, an interesting narrative, and makes us intrigued to see what the talented duo releases next.