‘Cocoon’ Is An Effortlessly Beautiful Single From Tommy Ashby

by Grace Lovejoy

19th March, 2019

Scottish singer-songwriter Tommy Ashby brings us ‘Cocoon’ the first single from his forthcoming ‘Golden Arrow’ EP, which is set to be released April 2019 and it’s truly stunning.

I’m not sure whether it’s the delicacy of the piano melody or Tommy Ashby’s hauntingly beautiful vocals that create the ambiance of peace and tranquillity, but something about this track just makes you and all your troubles melt away. Perhaps it’s the combination of both. Being such a raw and stripped back track that is laced in emotive language, it’s hard not to sink into its sound.

Tommy shares that most of the single was actually recorded using his laptop microphone, leading to a less crisp and manufactured sound. When trying to re-record the vocals and piano chords, Tommy felt the atmosphere this track should create was no longer present, which led to his decision to keep in the background sounds of birds and water splashes, reigniting its natural and raw beauty.

Tommy speaks on the track – “I think this song captures a wee moment in time, which feels pretty cool.
I wrote Cocoon in a beautiful little studio just outside Paris having been on the road for two months straight. I was there to record guitar for another artist, but snuck upstairs to one of the bedrooms and started tinkering on the grand piano in the corner. This was apparently the room where Nick Cave stays and I like to think some of his inspiration rubbed off, because the song just fell out in one go.

‘Cocoon’ is one of those songs that will appeal to many of us, no matter your preferred genre. Every now and then we all need to sink into a simple bliss and ‘Cocoon’ will help you get there.

Tommy Ashby’s album ‘Golden Arrow’ will be released on April 26th 2019 via Wow and Flutter Records.

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