Christmas In 2020

by Beth Shipley

29th November, 2020

As the year draws to a close, there is usually more of a sparkle in the air but this year’s has been slightly dampened. Everyone will be relieved when this hellish year is over, it’s brought more suffering and pain that anyone could have imagined. This is why the Christmas cheer is extra important for 2020, let’s celebrate the magic of this special time of year!

It feels strange getting into the Christmas spirit without the annual Christmas markets, family gatherings and Christmas activities but it also feels right: a happy time we’re all striving for. We’re all wanting to bring the festive joy as early as possible this year and why not? It brings us all happiness!

Photo by cottonbro

With the abundance of feel-good Christmas films; classics like Home Alone and The Grinch, and the arrival of festive decorations in shops, it really is a magical time you can’t escape. Although we may not be able to celebrate as we planned, Christmas is about being together with loved ones and we will all appreciate that so much more this year, even if it’s in a limited capacity style. There’s so much to look forward to, Christmas dinner being number one on the list. After months of closed restaurants, lockdown has turned home cooks into chefs so the dinners this year should be exceptional… there won’t be any burned roasties or dry turkeys in sight this year. Houses will soon be filled with twinkly lights and trees adorned with beautiful baubles, there will be mince pies in the oven and houses filled with all the Christmas scents Yankee Candle has to offer, what a wonderful time.

If we can’t leave our houses then we may as well fill them with comforting, feel-good things like new candles, cosy blankets, fluffy socks, woolly pyjamas and cute mugs to drink Bailey’s hot chocolates out of. Who needs to spend £6 for one at the Christmas markets anyway? Why not recreate the giant hot dogs and mugs of mulled wine, at a much lower price and made from the comfort of your home without queuing up? Winner. There’s plenty of fun indoor Christmas activities to keep us busy too like getting crafty with wreaths, Christmas cards and table decorations.

Christmas in 2020 will be different, but it doesn’t have to be a disaster.

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