Charlie John’s New Album CHARLIE Breaks New Ground

by neonmusic

7th November, 2023

Charlie John’s New Album CHARLIE Breaks New Ground

CHARLIE, the eagerly awaited album from Charlie John, is on its way. The 12-track record will launch on Friday, November 10, on all major streaming platforms. It has created a significant buzz, as John has already accumulated an impressive list of accolades.

In 2016, John took the awards for “Best Original Pop Song” and “Best Original Singer/Songwriter at the 2016 Ohio Music Awards. That same year, he gained international acclaim by winning the overall Grand Prize in the Songdoor 2016 International Songwriting Competition.  

Born into a family of musicians, singers, and songwriters, John has music in his blood. His father, Bill, who has been working in the industry for nearly four decades as a musician, songwriter, and producer and reached the billboard charts in the 80s, produced Charlie’s four-song self-titled debut.  

Charlie John’s album cover for CHARLIE

Surrounded by music, Charlie grew up in a world saturated with creativity. He has been singing and performing with his family since he was six and quickly developed a deep-seated passion for a wide array of music and diverse melodies. He cites Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, and The Doobie Brothers as early influences, but after listening to his music, one gets a sense that he has done a deep dive into a plethora of styles, including Pop and Soul, Hip Hop, Gospel, and EDM.

Charlie began performing at 18 and has been a full-time musician for 12 years, performing not only locally in Kentucky but across the United States, including Las Vegas, New York, and Kentucky. In 2013, 2014, and 2016, he caught the attention of the TV show The Voice and was summoned to audition in Chicago, Dallas, Austin, and Nashville. In 2023, he caught the attention of the promoters of Summerfest 55, the largest music festival in the world, and was invited to perform an original set of music.

The album mixes genres liberally and covers various topics, including mental health, self-reflection, the need to belong, and the perils and pearls of falling in love. The opening track, “Cheer Up,” has already caught the attention of fans and critics. In this song, John aims at how depression and anxiety remain misunderstood in the contemporary world, often spawning reductionist, careless, and condescending responses from others.

When discussing the song, Charlie explained, “I wanted to create something that would remind people and society that most of the time, people’s problems are much harder to solve than you realize. I wanted to say that you should get to know someone before judging them and just telling them to quickly feel better when that simply isn’t possible.”

The rest of the tracks are a thoughtful blend of diverse genres, including pop, acoustic, and singer-songwriter styles, before closing with a cover of Phil Collin’s iconic hit, “Take Me Home.” The resulting album showcases John’s lifelong passion for music, versatility, and unique songwriting talent.

CHARLIE is set for release on Friday, November 10.

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