Caroline Kole Glistens Effortlessly On Cold

by Marcus Adetola

23th March, 2020

Caroline Kole glistens effortlessly on Cold, as she rides through deftly-produced instrumentals. Singing is this girls forte, not missing a note, she makes it look so easy. Caroline displays a gracefulness and elegance in the mastery of her vocals far beyond her age as she manoeuvres around the instrumentals to deliver an infectious melody.

“I’m growing up, I’m generally a pretty happy and optimistic person but this past year I was faced with a lot of challenges,” Kole continues, “I was disappointed in the way I handled myself in them, a lot of self-realization came out of those situations.” – Caroline Kole

Cold displays a touch of country music within its pop tones. Caroline’s lyrics are personal and stifled in youthful innocence. It is a highly relatable song about youthful emotions experienced today.

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