BVRGERIf I see anything with the word ‘burger’ in it, I am immediately interested, so when I listened to BVRGER’S latest track ‘COOPER’ for the first time I was hungry for more.

COOPEREverybody’s so self-centered lately’, f**k them.” A quick little message at the start of the song before the melody hit let us know that BVRGER had not come to play. ‘COOPER’ is like your own little therapy session in your ears, addressing your anxieties and fears, and that we care too much for the wrong things. Just like the fantastic space-themed artwork for his track ‘COOPER’, BVRGER’s soft, melodic and satisfying voice makes you feel as if you are floating through space, and that you should open your eyes and look up at the stars from time to time.

The Pharrell sounding singer-songwriter gets his inspiration from Pop, R&B, Soul, and Electronica, a mix of some of the best genres. The British-Italian singer likes to create sad, fresh, deep and moving styles of music, and you definitely feel all of those emotions in his new EP.

Not only did my ears get treated while listing to ‘Cooper’, BVRGER’s new EP ‘BRAINFOOD’ was released on Friday the 5th April and it did not disappoint. ‘BRAINFOOD’ is a cleverly thought of title as it sums up how you feel as you listen the EP, feeding our minds as we hear BVRGER’s smooth, R&B styled tracks.

‘NO SLEEP’, has a beautiful acoustic guitar in the background while his talented rap and singing voice takes centre stage, the best of both worlds.

I do have to mention my favourite track off of his new EP is ‘SUMMER PLANS’. With it sounding like a mix of Bryson Tiller and Ty Dolla Sign, it has that urban hip-hop/rap feel to it with a beat in the background that makes you bop your head. At the end of the track, there are some ocean sounds just to relax you that little bit more.

If you want to feel like you are out of this world, floating through space or to zone out and chill, BVRGER’s ‘BRAINFOOD’ has that all sorted for you. BVRGER also created a specific poster artwork for each song on the EP – his talents seem to have no bounds.


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