Busted Show Review, Wembley Arena

by Jade Dadalica

9th April, 2019

To be honest, I probably wouldn’t mind if Busted ‘Crashed The Wedding’ I had in the future, and if they had gone to the same school as me they definitely would’ve been ‘What I Go To School For.’ My former nine-year-old self is screaming right now. Growing up with my parents blasting their Busted CD in the car when I was on my way to school may have helped towards my obsession with Busted at the time, not forgetting McFly – let’s do a quick shout out to them.

Although Busted’s 2019 single off their new album ‘Half Way There’ called ‘What Happened To Your Band’ expresses the break up that happened in 2005, Matt Willis mentioned at their Wembley show on Saturday 30th March, “This is our 17th time performing at Wembley.” THAT is what happened to their band.

Last year, pop-rock band Busted announced they’ll be bringing their Half Way There Tour to arenas in March 2019. The dates saw the boys take to the stage in Glasgow, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester and I was lucky enough to see them perform at the Wembley Arena, London.

When my friend messaged me to say she had tickets for Busted, my inner fangirl popped out, but to my surprise, Wembley wasn’t packed with screaming teenage girls. Old-school fans, 2019 fans, and even a nine-year-old girl at her first ever concert filled the seats of the arena. It was so heartwarming to see. There was no bashing in the audience and everywhere you looked there was ‘Busted’ slapped across someone’s t-shirt and everyone seemed to know the lyrics to their songs such as ‘Air Hostess, Radio and Year 3000’ down to a T.

In the early 2000s, you couldn’t escape Busted and their rather punk/pop-styled music videos and the boys didn’t let you escape it on their tour either. Even though the flashing laser lights lit up the stage, the huge TV screen behind the band allowed you to watch the music video that matched the song they were performing, technology at its finest.

Busted may have grown up, but Matt Willis, Charlie Simpson, and James Bourne are still young at heart and are continuing to steal the hearts of all their fans.

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