‘Breathing In Reverse’ Is A Psychedelic Rush From Panaviscope

by Lucy Lerner

28th November, 2019


“if we lose ourselves in the wind, yeah, will we get this purple feeling?”

‘Breathing In Reverse’ absorbs the listener immediately with its rush of psychedelia and eclectic sound and it doesn’t disappoint as the track carries on. The first few chords reminds me slightly of Radiohead’s ‘Karma Police’ but the song is purely unique mixing moody with the euphoric and featuring a foot-tapping thumping beat.

Panaviscope (AKA Alex Duloz) is a multi-instrumentalist from Geneva, Switzerland, who composes, sings and plays all of his own instruments. His influences range from Pink Floyd and Air to MGMT and Everything Everything

‘Breathing In Reverse’ was mixed by Yvan Bing (Gwen Stefani, Phil Collins, Wu-Tang Clan) and mastered by Mike Marsh (Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode). Panaviscope has previously worked alongside The Strokes’ producer Gordon Raphael and has received radio play from some of Switzerland’s biggest radio stations, Couleur 3, RTS, Rete Tre and GRRIF.

Did we get what we hoped for?”

The visuals to ‘Breathing In Reverse’ carry on the euphoric feeling and are an interesting combination of music meets lyric video.

Panaviscope says of his new release, “In three minutes, you travel from electro to classic 70s rock, in a very smooth journey. I’m happy with the aesthetic of this song. The result is extremely cinematic. At the end of the song, you should wonder ‘What the hell just happened to me?’ In this song, I talk about going back to the forest. I explore a romantic vision of nature. A parenthesis.

With such an intriguing single, we can’t wait to see what Panaviscope does next.

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