BEZI’s Debut Single is a Melodic Journey through Love and Loss

by Marcus Adetola

29th July, 2023

BEZI's Debut Single is a Melodic Journey through Love and Loss

With his debut song, Double Cup Love (DCL), Florida-based independent singer-songwriter and executive producer BEZI, age 26, enters the public eye. Anthony Iglesias and Gabe are featured in this track, which is an in-depth investigation of the emotional fallout from a broken relationship set against the backdrop of priceless nights out with friends.

BEZI feat. ANTO & GABE – DCL (Official Music Video)

BEZI has spent the last five years honing his craft as an executive producer and songwriter. With his own project, which is being released through EMPIRE, he is now stepping into the spotlight. His debut song, an innovative fusion of hip-hop and R&B tinged with a hint of melancholy, demonstrates his talent and adaptability.

A story of love, loss, and resilience is told in DCL. The lyrics vividly depict the breakup of a relationship and the subsequent journey to self-awareness and recovery. The verses go deeper into the challenges of moving on, while the catchy chorus captures the emotional turmoil of a breakup.

The song comes to life with lines like “you see me dancing with the devils, they see me walking with the angels,” which capture the conflicting emotions experienced after a breakup. The song’s top-notch production has a laid-back vibe that perfectly matches the moving lyrics.

The narrative of the song DCL is beautifully illustrated in the music video. The audience is invited to go on a journey with BEZI, ANTO, and GABE as part of their unforgettable nights out in this upbeat music video.

Anyone who has experienced love and loss will be able to relate to the melodic journey that is DCL. Double Cup Love is a promising debut from BEZI with its captivating lyrics, slick production, and distinctive fusion of genres.

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