Behind The Sweet Harmonies Of Lee M’Alone By Annalie Prime

by Marcus Adetola

20th September, 2020

Behind the sweet harmonies of Lee M’Alone by Annalie Prime lies a deeper meaning. The Trinidadian native has had a 2-year hiatus from music after suffering a breakdown. She enters into the fray once again with her new single Lee M’Alone, which means leave me alone.

Annalie delves deep into her psyche, narrating her experiences with reflective lyrics juxtaposed with upbeat drums. She weaves conscious in-depth vocals around the sweet-sounding repertoire of instrumentals with jazzy influence.

Lee M’Alone is an ode to Annalie Prime’s experiences that led to her stepping away from music and how she found a way back.

“Lee M’Alone is a compilation of thoughts, feelings, and experiences I had during this time. It’s just a drum kit, a bass guitar, and an upbeat organ somewhere in the mix but the lyrics are everything to me. This record was a strange experience to create; truly. I didn’t want to seem like I hated when people checked up on me because at first listen that’s what it sounds like. But on a second listen, if you get that far, it’s just a cry for mental health days. Sometimes, I just get tired. With this track, I want to help raise awareness around mental health in black and Caribbean communities where the thing is often seen as evil spirits or “not real”. I am now a stone-cold advocate for walking away or taking a break from people or situations that don’t serve you anymore or that are just straight up toxic.” – Annalie Prime

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