BAELYIf you haven’t yet heard of BAELY, you are about to remember his debut single ‘Talking to the Walls’, a beautifully crafted R&B track that is infused with hints of soul and electronic sounds.

With the introduction of a cool bass line and a repetitive percussion beat, the tone is set for a seemingly calm and mellowed tune, however this couldn’t be further from the truth, as we are later joined by an explosion of synths and echoing backing vocals that create the perfect base for BAELY’s incredibly powerful and soulful voice.
The fiery and volatile instrumentation of this tune falls in parallel with the story of which this song tells of a relationship that is struggling with communication, highlighted in its lyrics.

“Going in the same old circles
Strange behaviour
Getting nowhere
Talking to the walls”

These poignant lyrics capture the feeling of wanting to be heard and understood by a partner, but receiving no such luck, leading you to feel as if you are literally ‘talking to the walls’.

‘Talking to the Walls’ will in no doubt have you in your feelings, but I guarantee you will be playing it on repeat, as it’s just one of those songs you can’t get enough of.

The track was produced by Marco Bernadis and Tyler Acord who form part of the ultra-cool and smooth R&B trio Radiant Children and engineered by the Grammy-nominated Prash Mistry who is noted for his work with Jorja Smith. There is a whole lot of talent that has gone into the making of this track, which makes me really eager to see what BAELY has next in store for us.

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