Astræa Addresses Her Inner Critic With My Own Worst Enemy

by neonmusic

9th September, 2020

Astræa releases ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ – a brave and honest discussion of how imposter syndrome affects her and her self worth, as well as the self-worth of women the world over.

Astræa has never been one to shy away from discussing difficult topics. Her releases so far have all tackled the difficulties she has overcome on her way to the top of her industry – becoming one of the most sought-after producers in the business (collaborating with Ward Thomas and Jack Savoretti). An avid spokesperson for women in music, she now turns her hand to the dark side of the music industry, and the baggage that comes with being a woman in a man’s world.

‘My Own Worst Enemy’ is the song in question, a heartfelt and unflinching exploration of the parts of Astræa’s psyche which she feels holds her back. The production is simple yet haunting, with a piano line accompanying Astræa’s ethereal vocals. There are sparse synths throughout as well, creating Astræa’s signature blend of digital sounds which nevertheless sound wholly organic and essential to the bones of the song.

The song is taken from Astraea’s upcoming EP, ‘Tonight I Run’, which sees her put some of her most impressive songwriting to date on record. Themes of self-doubt and confusion collide with an inner strength and determination to conquer all who stand in her path – even when that person might be herself – and continue to build her empire and fanbase as one of the forerunners of cinematic pop in the UK.

It’s some of the more honest pop music around today, and its honesty when discussing issues of self-doubt may even further the mental health conversation the world over.

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