Ashton Russell Delivers A Fresh Twist On Not A Love Song

by Joel Griffiths

20th February, 2021

West End performer and former Diversity dance star, Ashton Russell, gifted us with a Valentine’s Day offering earlier this month, and it’s not to be slept on.

The video for Not a Love Song has some dope imagery; a large part set out in front of a lit-up Chelsea Bridge and some nocturnal views of London’s nightscape. Ashton brings some serious energy to this performance and this visual supplement adds emotion to the track.

Not a Love Song details the demise of a relationship. With patience running thin, the track talks about miscommunications, as expectations and actions become mismatched. Ashton’s influence from a UK Urban sound is clear, reminding us of hits from likes of N-Dubz and Chip in the late 2000s and early last decade. As is so important in music emerging from the UK at the moment, heavy-hitting kicks and distorted synth bass catapults it into 2021. This is paralleled of course by a strong vocal performance from Ashton.

Alongside Wes Nelson, Deno and others, this style is making some waves right now, especially when they reflect the attitude of urban youth culture so well. Ashton’s sound is influenced by R&B, Trap and Dance. His previous releases such as Mean to Me and WTF continue to reveal his electric sound as they merge different variations of his core influences, detailing the different sides to him as an artist.

We think Not a Love Song will be a huge vibe this year and we’d love to know what you think of the visuals above.

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