Arliston continues their narrative of South with an intriguing new music video. It opens with a shot of a wrecked car and you soon discover a couple is simultaneously damaging it in various ways then patching it up. They end up crashing the car into a wall together. Interestingly the car is a metaphor for a relationship.

Front-man Jack explains further, “Lyrically the song centers around a theme of amassed damage, how tiny acts of destruction can add up to something far worse than the sum of its parts. At what point is there too much layered scar tissue to keep moving forward in a relationship?

South displays Arliston’s much loved sonic experimentations. Ethereal backdrops are enhanced by silky vocals stroked with nostalgia. Overall it creates a soft and downy sensation you just want to lose yourself into.

The track was written while the trio was on tour in Canada. It’s a stunning, unforgettable song that is further enhanced by the creative visuals. Arliston continues to make music we want to listen to again and again.