April Fool Is A Heart Warming Eulogy By Tiz McNamara

by Marcus Adetola

7th April, 2020

April Fool is a heartwarming eulogy by Tiz McNamara dedicated to his brother, and father who passed away at an early stage of his life.

At the same time, he doesn’t fail to acknowledge his mother as she brought him into this world. It is an emotionally sensitive song, sure to build a rush of emotions, particularly for anyone who has suffered a loss. The somber acoustic instrumentals play a warm host to the poignant lyrics that narrate his loss.

“It’s too much to take in as a child”

Tiz’s vocals have a rawness that brings April Fool to life, making it unforgettable. It resonates to your very core as the Irish singer-songwriter pours his heart, soul and life experiences into this song.

It’s impossible to imagine the pain it would have taken for Tiz McNamara to write this sad and beautiful song. However, through this song, he has forever immortalized both his lost loved ones.

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