Emma Zander’s new song, ‘My Generation’ is as honest as it is poppy and infectious. “My generation knows nothing and everything.” She sings about her observations of life as a twenty-something in 2018 and she describes her songs as being “inspired by the unique time we are living in right now, and our love-hate relationship with social media“.
‘My Generation’ is tongue-in-cheek in its nature, however, Zander’s self-aware lyrics are undoubtedly relatable, especially for millennials.

Emma hails from New York and is now based in LA. The singer has an ethereal voice which really compliments the beats in the song and hooks the listener. Last year, Emma Zander released single ‘Electric Sky’ with Corporate Slackrs and it was chosen to be the theme song for Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas. She also released a second song with Corporate Slackrs called ‘Wasted Love’ and featured on Bryce Vine’s rap track, ‘Bella’. She also released her first solo single, ‘Pioneers’, last year and is following it with ‘My Generation’. Emma Zander is eager to cement herself as a powerful female voice of her generation with her edgy-pop sound and thought-provoking words.

The accompanying music video will be released soon. We can’t wait to see how Emma Zander ties her thoughts about her generation into a visual project.

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