An Ode To Healing Ourselves In L.A. Foster’s New Single ‘Honestly’

by Narzra Ahmed

1th February, 2019

Gonna fight, fight for you..and do it again,” L.A. Foster’s delicate vocals tell of the harsh negativity we subject ourselves to at times (“What have we done to ourselves?“) and her struggle to be her “purest, [most] honest self“.

The introspective new song ‘Honestly’ reflects L.A. Foster’s own personal truth: “Having lived in many places far from where I was born has left me vulnerable, exposed, and at the mercy of others. In that experience, there has been a lot of darkness and of course much light.

Lesley Ann Foster is based in Montreal having traveled the world. While in Argentina, she immersed herself in Latin America, a culture which has influenced her as an artist and where she learned to speak Spanish. She decided to become L.A Foster during a multi-disciplinary performance in a Mexico City art show in February 2014.

‘Honestly’ is produced by Stephen Ramsay (Young Galaxy) and contains electronic beats with a ‘tinge’ of pop, perhaps to add to the uplifting feel of L.A. Foster’s raw, emotional, yet optimistic song. The song is a gentle reminder that we should heal and love ourselves the best way we can (“All I can do is feel“).

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