We Came As Romans (WCAR). A relentlessly incredible, 6-piece American metalcore band formed in Troy, Michigan, in 2005. They’ve continued to evolve their sound with each passing album and their latest effort provides an excellent example of how their music has progressed. Their sound attacks with harsh and rapid chugging riffs, mixed in with fearsome vocals and brutal drumming. Their production has been further refined and is cleaner than ever.

Band member key:

Joshua Moore – lead guitar, backing vocals (2005–present)
Dave Stephens – unclean vocals (2007–present), clean vocals (2012–present), rhythm guitar, keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals (2005–06)
Lou Cotton – rhythm guitar (2006–present)
Andy Glass – bass, backing vocals (2006–present)
Kyle Pavone – clean vocals, keyboards, synthesizers (2008–present)
David Puckett – drums, percussion (2017–present)

What better venue to showcase their fifth release than Camden’s Underworld. On May 8th, these London lads, demonstrate how to stylishly destroy a basement. They kicked off with their track, “Vultures With Clipped Wings.” This one gives you a taste of what to expect. A short subtle opening that grows unsettlingly louder with each distant echo of Kyle Pavone’s wistful voice. A burst of static is ambushed by the bone-chilling growl of Dave Stephens, combined with the unrelenting hammering of David Puckett’s drumming and Joshua Moore’s devastatingly, violent riffs on lead guitar.

Nothing can stop these untamed beasts, from energetic crowd-surfing to ambitious leaps and dramatic hair whipping. This band are heavy, heartfelt and hypnotic. It’s impressive how Dave is able to seamlessly switch from low screams to vocals and vice versa. “Foreign Fire” is a track that effectively illustrates this vocal agility. Meanwhile, you have Kyle, his softer, higher range voice harmonises well with Dave’s well-timed growls and really drives each song.

Another refreshing highlight is David Puckett’s ability to adapt his drumming style to evoke different mood, whether building suspense or creating a fast and furious rolling beat. Their song, “Lost In The Moment” is particularly successful in encapsulating these features. You can tell they put an exceptional amount of effort into the breakdowns. They’re timed beautifully and sound heavier than ever.

Notably, in songs such as: “Lost In The Moment” and “Foreign Fire”, the thoughtful use of synthesisers appear at key moments. This makes the song feel more atmospheric and stops it from appearing as just another generic rock track.

WCAR did a fantastic job of interacting with the audience and engaging people’s attention. With the chosen set-list, there is something for the new and old followers on this tour.

The aspect that I loved most about this gig is the intimacy. Camden’s Underworld allows you to get up-close and personal with the band, perfectly illustrated by the frequent interactions with their audience. It’s a nice feeling that breaks down boundaries and no longer makes you feel as though this is just a passive pastime.

If you’re looking for an electrifying mix of ambitious fist pumping, adrenaline fuelled lyrics, mixed with undertones of aggression then you’d had better keep an eye on upcoming tour dates. This is a band that strives to redefine entertainment.

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