Amber Ryann’s Somebody to Save Shimmers With Vulnerability

by Marcus Adetola

1st July, 2020

The emotional vulnerability on Somebody to Save by Amber Ryann shimmers around her vocals with epic proportions. Its honest lyrics hook you in culmination with the fragility exposed by the guitar acoustics. It entangles you in a web of confusing emotions that we all feel at some point in life. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful piece with raw qualities that are captivating and unique.

On Somebody to Save, Amber Ryann vividly conveys the complexities of emotional struggles with pain and maintaining a purity devoid of gimmicks. Though Somebody to Save has pensive connotations, it is pleasing and soothing. It is comfort music at it’s best.

Los Angeles based hip-hop artist and producer Amber Ryann’s performance shines immensely on this song. And we are looking forward to are next release.

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