Allegra Captivates With He Ain’t You

by neonmusic

31st May, 2022

There is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing an artist taking the time and care to mature as an artist. Releasing the same thing over and over eventually becomes stale and uninteresting, showing no evolution as an artist will put off new fans and old ones from returning. This can’t be said for rising dance-pop star Allegra, as she captivates all our ears with her latest single He Ain’t You.

Allegra sings, “But if I close my eyes just for a second, It just might do, I know it’s not fair, But just for a second, I need to forget that he ain’t you,” Straying away from the big dance beats, Allegra opts for a poppier, more heartfelt approach to this latest single. Announced on BBC’s The Ultimate Playlist, He Ain’t You offers a dazzling new addition to the up-and-coming star’s portfolio of instant hits.

Could this be the start of a brand new chapter for the young pop star?

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