Allegra Delivers The Goods On Disco Revival Track If You Wanna Love Me

by neonmusic

14th December, 2021

Allegra Delivers The Goods On Disco Revival Track If You Wanna Love Me

Whether it’s a kiss-off anthem-like her previous smash hit, Used To Miss You, or the bratty pop belter, Do What I Want, Allegra has always understood the assignment. Now, with her latest track, If You Wanna Love Me, Allegra lays out the rules for anyone hopeful of winning her time and attention.

Taking after her idol, Dua Lipa’s New Rules, Allegra turns her focus inwards, stating the boundaries that she will uphold, in a promise to herself that no one is worth your tears or time unless they prove themselves properly.

Musicality has always been of utmost importance in Allegra’s EDM corner of pop – and this time it’s no different. If You Wanna Love Me is a track that looks forwards and backwards simultaneously, giving a nod to the tradition of disco in the chord progression and vocal melody, whilst at the same time, sounding like it’s been plucked straight from this morning’s radio show.

It’s a hat trick for Allegra, whose past three singles have served us with sass and fun during a particularly difficult year. When it comes to cutting loose and remembering what’s important in life – staying true to yourself – Allegra is the queen.

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