Alessandro Ciminata Releases Lockdown Anthem Feels Like Heaven

by Lucy Lerner

25th March, 2021

Alessandro Ciminata returns with upbeat, genre-bending single feels like heaven. Taking a positive tone on being in lockdown, Alessandro shares his thoughts and ever the romantic, the song is about how his girlfriend has made him feel during this whole experience.

“Some days I feel alone, some others you’re the only one I rely on, I’m trapped in emotions cos f*ck I’m in love.”

feels like heaven feels wistful at first but morphs into an uptempo indie-pop track with swirling synths and, of course, Ciminata’s rich, comforting vocal tones. It’s clever how he has made a negative situation a positive anthem for our times.

“feels like heaven is about the positive aspects of being in lockdown, in my case is about the pro and cons of a cohabitation with someone I love 24/7. Lockdown hasn’t been easy for a lot of people but at the end of the day, it hasn’t been that bad either! I expressed my lockdown feelings into this song.

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