Alec Benjamin’s Different Kind Of Beautiful: A Melodic Exploration Of Vulnerable Adoration

by Marcus Adetola

29th October, 2023

Alec Benjamin's Different Kind of Beautiful: A Melodic Exploration of Vulnerable Adoration

The world of pop music often gravitates towards larger-than-life themes, grand gestures, and bombastic sounds. Yet, every once in a while, an artist comes along to remind us that there is profound beauty in simplicity. Enter Alec Benjamin with his latest single, Different Kind of Beautiful, a song that serves as a gentle, melodic whisper in an otherwise loud industry.

Emanating from the stables of Elektra Records, the track signals the start of a fresh chapter for Benjamin, a chapter that promises to be filled with raw emotion, unfiltered introspection, and that signature Alec Benjamin touch that fans have come to love. The song itself is a love letter to vulnerability, an ode to the paralysing beauty of someone who leaves us breathless, speechless, and questioning our very perceptions.

The instrumental foundation of Different Kind of Beautiful is disarmingly straightforward: a piano and guitar that dance together in perfect harmony. This minimalistic approach provides the perfect backdrop for Benjamin’s distinctive, smooth vocals, allowing the lyrical content to shine brilliantly.

Speaking of lyrics, Benjamin crafts a narrative that’s strikingly relatable. Who among us hasn’t felt that overwhelming surge of admiration, bordering on trepidation, when faced with someone we find deeply captivating? The chorus, with its repetitive line, “Different kind of beautiful,” is not just catchy but also deeply resonant. It’s a phrase that listeners will find themselves humming long after the song concludes.

The Grammy-winning duo Stargate, known for their work with heavyweights like Sam Smith and Beyonce, lends their touch to the production. Their influence is subtle yet palpable, adding layers of depth to an already profound track.

In the age of viral marketing, Benjamin’s approach to teasing the song – allowing fans to piece together snippets and releasing a clip on TikTok – added an interactive element, making the release all the more anticipated.

Alec Benjamin’s Different Kind of Beautiful captures the essence of fleeting moments – those instances where time seems to stand still and all we’re left with is a whirlwind of emotions.

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