Aisha Badru Lights The Way Back Home In Compelling New Single

by Lucy Lerner

21st August, 2021

The Way Back Home shows off Aisha Badru‘s distinctive vocals to perfection. A haunting piece of music with atmospheric acoustics and hypnotic soundscape, it embodies the idea that if you love something, set it free. The American singer-songwriter has created a compelling song with relatable lyrics and which exudes the feeling of spaciousness, trepidation and warmth. When you are listening you feel as if you are on a journey and love is pulling you towards it, pulling you home.

As you run towards the horizon
And venture out into the cold
I will keep the fire burning
To light the way back home

When I was younger, I really needed to leave home. I moved away. I was always trying to find something better. All the things I needed to learn, I ran away from.” Aisha Badru

The Way Back Home is “the heart” of Aisha Badru’s forthcoming EP of the same name which is set for release in early December.

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