Terry Guy is not afraid to speak the Dirty Nasty Truth and in his latest release, he speaks through about 25 other people in an alt-rock track that is bound to knock your socks off. With an insanely catchy melody and visuals which are what being united during lockdown is all about, Terry sets the tone for his forthcoming debut album Cloud Zero In Society. Dirty Nasty Truth is delivered in a fun way with people singing and dancing to the track but the lyrics show a much darker side. The London-based artist sticks his finger up at online trolls, racists, homophobes, and body shamers and he also reveals his demons with drug addiction. 

Renowned for his honest music, the talented artist shows another side to his repertoire with an impeccably arranged grandiose alt-rock track compared to previous releases Ticking and Brown Eyes which were more tender, piano-driven ballads. What shines through Terry Guy’s music is his passion for speaking the truth, wanting to leave a lasting message to his listeners. Through sharing his personal experiences it’s clear he wants to create hope, unity, and make a difference. 

“What with all the hate we see occurring in the world, I wanted to create a visual piece which represents beauty, no matter what colour, shape, gender, culture, or sexuality it is presented in.” 

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