Photo by Kitkat Anderson @kitkatanderson4

Having been awarded for her musical talent in 2017 by receiving ACM’s exclusive Freddie Mercury Scholarship, Daisy Phillips went on to performing on TV to releasing her own music. As an artist, there’s nothing better than using your gift for good especially when that means raising awareness which Daisy’s latest release ‘Aftermath’ does as it is about mental health. The track is powerful and beautifully written showcasing the songstress’s angelic vocals.

Daisy spoke about her aim for raising awareness in regards to mental health, “I feel very strongly that mental health is something that everyone should talk openly and freely about. Aftermath explores the thoughts many people have but do not say.

Not only has Daisy decided to raise awareness for mental health, she has also chosen to donate 100% of the profits to charity Porridge Club which provides over 700 children with a bowl of nutritionally balanced porridge during one of the breaks between lessons at their school Luyobolola Community Primary School in Mazabuka.

The Head of Student Services, Lee Fellows said, “As an Academy with an award-winning Student Services Team, mental health and wellbeing is always on the top of our agenda at ACM. We are incredibly proud of our Scholarship winner, Daisy who is raising awareness through her music on this important subject and hope that it will reduce the stigma around the subject and bring about an open dialogue to speak about such matters in a safe and welcoming environment.

Daisy Phillips is sure to make a positive impact with this track as the importance of the subject matter isn’t highlighted enough. Her songwriting and voice both go hand in hand leading her to a successful music career. Be on the look out for what she does next.

You can stream ‘Aftermath’ here.