Achilles x Jessie Lee Thetford Reveal The Stunning For The Best (Acoustic Mix)

by Lucy Lerner

30th September, 2021

Earlier this year Achilles x Jessie Lee Thetford released the simply beautiful piano-driven ballad For The Best but it has been taken to new heights with their recent Acoustic Mix. Artist and Progressive House producer Achilles comments on the making of the song, “Jessie and I knew we had a special song when we first wrote ‘For The Best,’” he continues, “So much so that before the original was even released, we started working on the Acoustic version. We knew the underlying song had so much potential to reach people’s hearts, not just within the Dance Music world, but to a wider audience as well.”

The track is simply about falling in love and is brought to life by layers of emotion and euphoria carried by Jessie’s crystalline vocals and the aforementioned piano. It’s a stunning song that doesn’t need any elaboration, it speaks for itself.

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