Madison ParisOver the past few years the rise of popularity amongst rap music, particularly the trap genre has increased making it more mainstream. Madison Paris is one of the latest new artists to fuse trap and R&B in her recently dropped video for new single ‘Triple’. The duet features Bobii Lewis who brings his own laid-back bars and complimentary vocals to the track.

Madison’s voice is soft and girly so when paired with Bobii’s smooth, soulful tones; they make for a perfect pair. Her glamorous appearance is opposite to his casual attire, but they somehow complement each other’s styles both musically and aesthetically. The song overall is catchy and not too complicated so after a few listens it’ll be stuck in your head and you’ll be able to sing along. ‘Triple’ is a bop and has the perfect amount of base that instinctively makes you nod your head from the moment it starts.

The video has a few key locations and one of them being a club setting which is fitting as the song is all about needing a triple shot of alcohol as it’s time to relax and be in a more chilled mood. The lyrical back and forth between Madison and Bobii showcase their chemistry adding to the sexual tension written in the lyrics and portrayed in the video. Seemingly shot in slow motion, we see Madison strutting around looking seductively into the camera. The song suggests lusting for a someone and that is clearly demonstrated throughout the video, during the bed scene especially. Both artists have love interests starring along-side them which allows them to convey the romantic side of the song bringing the lyrics to life through their actions.

Madison has opened for M.O, had airplay on US radio and been the face of the Footasylum x Nike Utility Boot campaign which featured her single ‘Rum & Wine’. She is a rising star and someone you should be on the lookout for when it comes to future endeavours. She is not just a pretty face; she has an array of talent to back it up.

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