A Tale Of Positivity & Hope From Rider With New Single ‘Hurts Me Too’

by Lucy Lerner

23th February, 2018

RIDER is back with new single and music video ‘Hurts Me Too’ following her standout track of 2017 ‘A Little Light’. The British / American multi-instrumentalist who also writes and produces her own tracks releases a powerful song about sexuality, inner torment, and life-changing experiences. This is a subject close to Rider’s heart.

She explains, “I had fallen in love with a girl, which greatly damaged my relationship with my boyfriend at the time…I would have high hopes that our relationship would work and maybe I would even marry him. At the same time, I was dreaming about marrying this girl – I visualised having children with her somehow. I could see a life with her. I was so torn between what was right and what I was taught was wrong.

‘Hurts Me Too’ explores feelings of freedom and positivity stemming from sexual confusion, relationship issues, depression and seeking therapy. The accompanying music video perfectly depicts the struggle and torment of different relationships and the lyrics continue this theme,

Every moment when I wake up I have high hopes we can start again, cos I know I’ve put you through hell and back only cos I’m searching for my happiness. And I was taught to love another, don’t love a girl like you should love a boy, but I have spent my life wondering why, it’s only now that I can say.

Rider remains self-reflective and honest in her music which is bubbling electro-pop with raw vocals and her trademark 80’s rippling underlay. She is a very refreshing voice on the music scene right now.

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