A Stunning Performance Of ‘Olivia’ From Rachael Sage

by neonmusic

11th September, 2019

‘Olivia’ is the stand out track of Rachael Sage’s album PseudoMyopia.

You are Olivia / You are the sun and moon / You are the only person I can tell my secrets to” sings Sage in a whispered, conspiratorial fashion, inviting the listener to be her one true companion in this heartfelt song about a person closed off from the world.

It is only the best among an album of greats, though. ‘PseudoMyopia’ acts as a companion piece to ‘Myopia’, an album exploring the concept of vision. The songs are reworked in an acoustic style, allowing Sage’s thought-provoking and heartfelt lyrics to shine through,accompanied only by sparse instrumentation.

Pairing up with Vision Aid Overseas, the profits from ‘PseudoMyopia’ will help to provide free vision tests and glasses to low-income countries (an issue close to Rachael’s heart as she herself is legally blind without glasses or contact lenses), neatly tying into Sage’s overarching themes for this new release.

Watch the beautiful, exclusive and intimate live performance of stand-out track ‘Olivia’.

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