Pip Millet, the Manchester Neo-Soul, R&B artist first started making her way onto the scene when featured on Joe Hertz’s single ‘Goodbye Kisses’. From there she released her debut single ‘Make me cry’ and Pip’s latest single ‘Love the Things You Do’ continues to propel her presence in the music scene with a lot of media outlets taking notice of the 20-year old students husky, mature voice combined with her poetic lyrics. Her music is influenced by the likes of Lauryn Hill in which Pip was captivated by the live instrumentation running through her album ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’. Alongside this, she states that inspiration has also come from Joni Mitchell and Erykah Badu.

Producer Lester Dural creates a laid-back guitar instrumental and smooth beat which provides the ideal platform for Pip to explain the story between two friends having mutual feelings for each other but deciding to remain, friends, rather than pursue their feelings further. Pip’s pure, fresh vocals and poetic lyrics are emphasised by the fact that the instruments move around the words rather than competing with them. The raw tone to her sultry voice makes the listener immediately drawn to every word she says. As she confirms that more singles will be released later on in the year, the future for this singer seems to be bright.