To be honest folks, I have always been a big Helmut Newton fan, the photography impresario of strong women and would he still be alive, he would have had an opening event with LA-based group Pet Fangs playing the song ‘Bitch, Baby’, while models would walk around in black leather Domina-outfits.

I can see singer Joe Stark lying down in front of a woman with scary but enticing high heels, pushing her mark into his chest, while he sings

I would die to make you want me…
Girl if you let me love you I ain’t ever gonna stop
Sugar wanna put you in my tea and drink up every drop
Know you don’t believe me
Got me on my knees…

‘Bitch, Baby’ could be a male ‘sexual’ phantasy, wanting to bow down to his girl, where he is the bitch and she is his baby – male and female roles reversed, yay!! This is indeed the early 80’s gender roles revival, mixed with today’s metrosexual world. The good old Glam Rock era is back! The whole sound, whisked with funky and disco-y elements has an interestingly French slash American vibe to it.

I have to admit that when I first listened to the song I initially thought: “This guy is a real player, trying to seduce a girl with sweet nothings and trying to make her fall in love with him”, but then I researched a bit more and found out, that this is Joe Stark’s goddamn love letter to his wife! Meaning, he doesn’t need to seduce her anymore, as he has her already, however she seems to play it right, since she gives him the feeling, that he still needs to persuade and conquer her, the quest and game is never over, therefore learn and listen carefully girls and take notes, like here:

Girl if you let me love you, I ain’t ever gonna stop” – Does she not let him love her? Is this the secret to make him want her so much? I ain’t gonna lie to you, I am a bit jealous of her, I guess any woman would love to be in her ‘position’.

Who doesn’t want to be in the realm of seduction and passion, domination and submission, devotion and commitment – ’50 Shades Of Grey’ is still a thang! You all have to admit, the whole thing slash song is quite sexy.

What did she do to make him so keen? Is she a powerful woman and if so, how does she do it?? What is it about her, that she’s got? – I want the recipe!

I guess love and passion and what makes men so enamored with a woman will always stay a mystery, however this song could be a subtle manual on how women should or could be seen by men to make them subdue and commit, cough cough – oh well, maybe ‘Bitch, Baby’ represents a both or more genders’ fantasy coming true.