Zac Hurst Captures Hearts With Falling In Love On My Own

by Lucy Lerner

25th July, 2021

Zac Hurst captures hearts with his new release Falling In Love On My Own. The East-London singer-songwriter has dropped a glossy pop ballad and slick visuals that encapsulates youthful romance to perfection.

Zac used the lockdown as an opportunity to create more music people could relate to and he has certainly done that with this beautiful song about being apart from a loved one.

“This project began during the first lockdown. I wanted to write a song about being away from someone you love, without being able to do anything about it… hence ‘falling in love on my own’. I’ve played this song close to 100 times on live streams/live gigs now, with some of my followers knowing all the words, so it’s tried and tested, and I would say this song is probably around a year’s work on and off which makes it very exciting to finally release.” – Zac Hurst

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