Yaläkta: an epilogue poem by BLACK LILYS as they ponder on the state of society today. The somber acoustics stoke the flames of the gentle vocals on Yaläkta, it’s not oppressive but relieving. The song carries a melancholic mood that dissipates, though not completely, as the song progresses. Especially when the other instrumentals join in and the tempo picks up pace. The song is easy to assimilate because of the poem like elements it embodies.

The chessboard shook without a sound
Hands are numb, the spine crystallised
I feel defeated
The clothes are packed but they never left
Like we were trapped in an endless night
Oh, this hole in my chest froze my tongue froze my breath

Yaläkta evokes deep-seated emotions buried within an insurmountable amount of mundaneness attributed to human nature. It’s time to wake up and be reborn, and move in sync with nature and not against it. It’s a beautiful song from BLACK LILYS with eternal qualities we need to pay heed to. Yaläkta is a relatable song and even more now with the state of society today.