Will Callan Wears His Heart On His Sleeve In Waste Of You

by Grace Lovejoy

15th May, 2020

Waste of You is a beautiful and heartfelt song that will have you gripped upon your first listen. Combining a stunning yet sombre piano melody with stunning vocals, 16-year-old singer and songwriter Will Callan has elegantly captured the complicated and poignant feelings you can experience through heartbreak. The compelling lyrics manage to strip back those feelings to their most vulnerable and honest form, which in turn creates one hell of powerful song.

The track depicts the mixture of emotions you feel when a relationship is coming to an end. Will speaks on the track “In a relationship, you shouldn’t feel bad for your partner’s mistakes. You saw the good in them in the first place, so it’s not your fault if they waste that for themselves. It’s a reminder that although they might not know it yet, they may have just lost the best relationship they‘ll ever have. Sometimes all you can do is stand back and reflect on what actually happened. I hope that people can relate with the emotion that comes across in the song.

Since the release of his debut single Losing Our Minds, Will Callan has already gained an incredible interest from the music world, having received support across radio, as well as being featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday twice with previous singles Out of Your Life and Forgiving and Forgetting. It’s clear to see that this is only the beginning of success for Will Callan.

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